Transcript of a letter written by Sidney Milton Forrester on 6th June 1943, to his sister Margaret Forrester:

Same chap etc.
Address  C/o Aus. Base P.O
Kodak House
Kingsway WC2
and it is Sunday afternoon 6th June

Dear Margaret,

                        The first thing Im going to say to you, O girl, is bags of  congratulations on your engagement.  You’ve got a good guy there – ‘smatterofact bringing some of the lastest gen into play, he’s a “wizard” guy, but don’t let on I said so or you’ll never be able to rule him with an iron fist in a velvet glove – How I do run on, don’t I.
            I guess when Nan gets a dekko at your sparkler she will turn a pale green but tell the darling girl, Margaret, that I shall do my best to change it back to its usual becoming hue as soon as I come sailing home (or flying home) from der wars.
            And now a little bit of a line-shoot as to where we are and a negligible amount of information on what we’re doing now.
            We’re at a beautiful little place in


Derbyshire where there is beauty all round us and on a station where there is no B.S. – If you ask Bob what B.S. means he may tell you or on the other hand he may laugh horsely and then shut up like a clam saying it is not for young ladies to know such things.
            I won’t describe the place here as I’ve already done that in another letter home but I will tell you about a couple of young foxhounds who snuffle about the surroundings usually getting into a hell of a mess – and we’ve cottoned onto one another, these dawgs and I.
            The other day we went exploring quite a thick wood only a couple of acres large with a lake inside and a waterfall an’ all.  Well anyhow first of all these pooches go and worry a couple of magnificent horses in the field next door to us (the wood too, is only about 20 yards from where I live.)  So the gees lowered their heads and charged sending the


pups racing back to us at a rapid pace.  I won’t say they were disgruntled but they were scarcely gruntled.
            Next came rabbits and as rabbits can’t lower their heads and charge, the brave little blighters played merry hell with the bunnies till we reached the woods.  Once in the woods they tangled themselves up with stinging nettles and got all hedged about.  Finally we had to carry them out which must have been very embarrassing for a couple of dogs who reckon they’re pretty tough.
            I’m going to approach to the Squire across the field one day for a loan of his horses ‘cause it’s a might long time since I was on a horse’s back and I’ve got a hankerin’ to ride again.


Since we’ve been at the station we have formed into crews and as crews have gone on some really good cross-countries together.  The other day we found ourselves way up in the isles of North West Scotland and a couple of days afterwards, way out on the other side of England dodging convoys (“dodging” because even though they are ours, convoys have very itchy trigger fingers these days).
            Since I’ve been here I’ve been into Derby a couple of times and once, met a good type about your age, who looks something like you, and what is more, also called Margaret (Baldwin).  If this should reach you before the same news reaches Nan, O girl, tell her that her guy has added yet another


To his already large and ever expanding circle of goil friends -  but also tell her, do not feah [sic], as I remain ever faithful (dinkum). And now, Marcheta, I am about to have a yarn with your worser half so if you’ll pardon me, I’ll proceed to  to [sic] tell him a thing or two about you
            Also its coming on to rain, to I shall go inside – brilliant sunshine 10 minutes ago.
So here I go with lots of love to you and again congratters
                                                                                                                        Sid  xxx

P.S.      The above is a good example of line-shooting in the best traditions

Incidentally, O girl, don’t forget to give Nan a big hug and bags of kisses from me, much as I hate to see girls doing chaps job
                                                                        Love Sid

PP.S. You should hear me on my mouthorgan these days