Transcript of a letter written by Sidney Milton Forrester to his sister Margaret Forrester, 21st April 1943.


Dear Margaret,
                        This chap is a bad type not writing to you before this after all your notes but he’s woken up to himself at last and here it is, the first edition, hot from the press.
            Sounds to me as though you rowdy mob (sorry – mean high spirited youths and damsels) had a great time when Bob was over on leave.  I had a letter confirming that it sure was a swell show and that sister of mine is the goods – but that wasn’t news to me because I knew her long before he did.  Why I ‘member ‘way back in – but thats ancient history now because we are both getting very old and doddery.  Funny thing, I haven’t found any grey hairs but of course I’m carrying my age well, you know.  (Say, this guy is just plain nuts).  At this point, Margaret, I’ll say that I haven’t


been hobnobbing with any Americans – its just that I get that way at times.
            I was sorry to hear about Milt’s illness and glad to hear he is on the safe side again.  Bad luck for him to get a chance thing like that.
            You and Nan will have some fun if you get that job in “Open House”, although I guess you’ll be pretty busy from what I know of Air Force House and other places like that.
            It seems that you have a kitten now.  I’ll bet he’s got those two ball chasing poodles bluffed within 2 months.  Give old Pete a pat and a scratch on the ear from meand give Monty 4 tennis balls and see what he can do with those.  I’ll bet he thinks he’s clever paddling about with 3


stuck in that ugly face of his. You might also tell Pete not to slobber so much or I won’t bring him anything when I come home.
            Well, I guess I’ll knock off now and have a chat with John and Ian.  So all the best, Margaret and lots of love
                                                                                    From Sid  xxx

P.S. Show these to Bob (or is it Bruce)
and don’t tell him who its from
 – and then duck.