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65th Commemoration Event near Stadil, Denmark 4/09/2008

September 4th 2008 marked the 65th commemoration date of the loss of Lancaster EE138 and all crew members.  A Remembrance Ceremony was held at 2:00pm at the Crash site - S.W. intersection Stadiløvøj & Mollebyvej, Stadil, Tim, Denmark on this date.

This commemoration was attended by over 130 people, including both Danish and Australian officials; relatives of all 4 Australian crew members and relatives of English crew member Thirkettle also attended the ceremony. 








The Order of Service for the Commemoration - which includes photographs and transcripts of speeches. We would like to thank and acknowledge those who have provided photographs - especially, but not limited to Mr Donald Stewart; Ms Jo Lewis; Mr Bent Anthonisen; Mrs Aase and Mr Søren Flensted; and Mrs Anne Oliver.





Photos of the site preparations in the days leading up to the 4th September 2008.


The "Signals" page - more stories, photos and impressions from the 65th Commemoration.


Danish television news item showing footage of the 65th Commemoration.

Link to a Danish Television Documentary "Det lange farvel" (The Long/Last Farewell) by Uffe Bregendahl TV/Midt - Vest - produced following the 65th Commemoration in 2008:


Dagbledet (The Day Magazine) Ringkobing-Skjern published many newspaper articles before and after the 65th Commemoration:

5th September 2008 - in Danish

5th September 2008 - in English. These articles have been very kindly translated by Mrs Grete Møllerhøj


Images of the Svino Churchyard where a torso, the only human remains recovered from the EE138 crash site, is interred.


The ceremony included the unveiling of new bronze memorial information plaques, these new plaques were made available through a grant from the Australian Government Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Office of Australian War Graves– “Overseas Privately Constructed Memorial Restoration” Grant Programme. Follow this link to the Minister's Press Release:

The plaques were unveiled by Australia’s Ambassador to Denmark Ms Sharyn Minahan.

The EE138 Memorial Restoration Group – which comprises relatives of the 4 Australian crew members of EE138, do sincerely and most earnestly appreciate the support and assistance given by the Hon. Alan Griffin MP, Former Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and staff of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Office of Australian War Graves.

As a tribute to Ingemann Halkjær's placement of the original cross over the grave of the unidentified torso on the day following the crash of EE138, a replica of his cross has been included with the new plaque assembly.

This cross is on a smaller scale and has inscribed in its original lettering style the words

" Minde over faldne allierede Flyvere" - " In memory of the fallen allied Airmen".

The cross is made of Australian River Red Gum from  Robert S.F. Kidman's property "Bellbouri", near Coonawarra in South Australia.

Robert Kidman is a relative of the navigator, Ewin Carthew. The wood is extremely hard, dense and durable and may withstand many Jutland winters, protected to some extent by the plaques above it.

Images from the 4th September 2008 65 Commemoration at the site:

Mr Peter Forrester (relative of crew member Sidney Forrester) assisted by Vestas Machining A/S installing granite bollards at the site boundaries:

125 people attended the commemoration, including local media and press (Foreground: Left to right - Ambassador Minahan, Mr Peter Forrester, RAF Sgt Mark Frisby):

Ringkobing-Skjern Kommune Council representative Ole Kamp Welcoming guests; Centre - Soren Flensted - Master of Ceremonies and right - Chaplain J Eilschou Holm

From Left to Right - Chaplain J Eilschou Holm; RAAF Wing Commander John Ibbotson and RAF Wing Commander Dick MacCormac

Left to right: Mr Vic Kelaher (relative of crew member Carl Kelaher) and Mr Pat Walsh (relative of crew member Cyril Walsh) read the names of the fallen:

The Ambassador of Australia to Denmark Ms Sharyn Minahan:

Ambassador Minahan unveiling the new memorial plaques - assisted by Mr Donald Stewart (relative of crew member Ewin Carthew):

Wreaths and flowers laid at the site during the Commemoration:

Main Plaque side 1:

Plaque side 2 - The Story in English, Danish and German:

A replica of the original wooden cross forms part of the new memorial. Made by Iain Stewart of Rendelsham, South Australia - relative of crew member Ewin Carthew:

A scheduled fly past by 2 Royal Danish Air Force F16s had to be cancelled due to strong crosswinds - which kept the flags flying on the day:

More images can be seen under the links at the top of this page.

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