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The 2011 BBMF Lancaster Danish fly past programme was an historic and resoundingly successful event. All over Denmark the Lancaster flew saluting the lost Allied Airmen from the second World War.

24 sites in total were visited on the 5th of May 2011. This day marking the 66th year of Denmark's Liberation is very special in the hearts and minds of all Danish people. This was demonstrated by enormous turn outs of Danish people along the Lancaster flight route.

Over 1000 people attended the fly past of 460 Squadron Lancaster EE138 near Stadil. The crew of the BBMF Lancaster reported that they could see lines of cars which went for kilometres parked along the roadsides adjoining the EE138 crash site.

At the EE138 crash site a commemoration of Denmark's Liberation was officiated by Mr Ole Kamp from the Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune. A letter from the Commanding Officer of the recently re-formed 460 Squadron was read to the large gathering by RAAF Wing Commander Peter Miller - a message thanking the people of Stadil for their care and commitment in maintaining the integrity of the EE138 memorial crash site and final resting place of the crew. Mr Erik Poulsen read the letter in Danish. (Click here for the English version of the letter. Click here for the Danish translation courtesy Mrs Grete Møllerhøj). RAF Group Captain Mike Barley also addressed the crowd and spoke of the enduring relationship between Denmark, England and Australia.

On the 6th of May the BBMF Lancaster public viewing at the Cimber Sterling Hangar at Billund Airport was once again highly supported. An enormous crowd gathered and took the opportunity to touch the Lancaster and talk to the crew. This was a gesture by the BBMF to all those enthusiastic Danish people which was greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

More website updates and information will be added in the near future. See below for some first photo impressions from the EE138 Lancaster fly past and also the public viewing at Billund Airport.

The following are links to Danish paper and television media web sites with stories about the BBMF Lancaster fly past over the EE138 crash site as well as other locations across Denmark. May 6th Billund Airport pubic viewing

This You Tube video was prepared by Mr Tomas & Mr Eigil Linnet. It is a very poignant tribute to the crew of EE138 and the BBMF Lancaster flypast at Stadil:

This .pdf document is a descriptive story of the BBMF Lancaster flypast over the EE138 crash site, including more photos. Written by Peter Forrester, nephew of FO Sidney Forrester pilot of EE138.

Many of the photographs below are kindly provided by Henrik Olesen and Steen Dalby. If you have any photographs of the BBMF Lancaster at Stadil, we would love to receive a copy for inclusion on this website.

Danish flags proudly flew around the village of Stadil The morning of the 5th May before the crowd arrived at the EE138 crash site
The large crowd gathered by the crash site for the Danish Liberation 66th Commemoration Cars lined the roads for kilometres (Photo courtesy: WaffenMeister)
Mr Ole Kamp from the Ringkobing Skjern Kommune welcomed everyone and spoke of his emotional attachment to the EE138 crash site. Mrs Jessie Bowler (formerly Thirkettle) spoke to the large gathering and recited a verse by Alexander Pope.
RAAF Wing Commander Peter Miller read a letter to the people of Stadil on behalf of RAAF Wing Commander Robert Elliot, the Commanding Officer of RAAF 460 Squadron Mr Erik Poulsen from the Stadil Parish read the Danish translation of the letter from RAAF Wing Commander Robert Elliot from RAAF 460 Squadron.
Mrs Grete Møllerhøj accepts the letter from from the Commanding Officer of 460 Squadron on behalf of the Stadil Town Archives.
RAF Group Captain Mike Barley spoke of the significance of the 66th year of Danish liberation and the enduring relationship between Denmark, England and Australia.
RAAF Wing Commander Peter Miller
The Lancaster approaches....from the South
BBMF Lancaster "Phantom of the Ruhr" roars overhead - low and loud!

Next morning at the Cimber Sterling Hangar at Billund Airport, Peter and Jo thank some of the BBMF crew for the outstanding Danish fly past programme. Photo courtesy: Hans vestergaard




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