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Ewin Garth Carthew, Navigator  407963
Warrant Officer, Royal Australian Air Force
Aged 21 of Rendelsham, South Australia, Australia

Son of Thomas Edgar and Florence Ethel Carthew, of Rendelsham, South Australia.

Runnymede Panel Number: 191

Transcribed airgraph from Ewin 8th June 1943

Transcribed letter from Ewin 3rd July 1943

Ewin in Durban - photo taken on the voyage to the UK in September, 1942:

The War Memorial in Rendelsham, South Australia where Ewin grew up:

March 2006 - a gathering of EE138 family and friends at Rendelsham during a visit to Australia by Vic and Pam Kelaher. Attended by members of the Carthew, Forrester and Walsh familes:

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