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A memorable salute from the citizens of Stadil on the 4th September 2008

All roads leading in to Stadil flew the Danish flag.

Mr. Victor Kelaher from England - cousin of crewmember Kelaher- (left) talking with RAAF Wing Commander John Ibbotson. Mr Kelaher was able to verbally confirm the arrangements for the addition of the new bronze plaques and granite bollards at the crash site with the landowner Mr. Erik Jepsen.  Mr Jepsen's great support of the site renovations has been warmly received in Australia and England.

Mr Erik Jepsen, owner of the EE138 crash site land.
From humble beginnings - a "bush map" of the Rendelsham designed new plaque stand. Which was excellently realised by the fine engineering work of Vestas Machining A/S - Lem, Ringkøbing.




Mr. Martin Jepsen (left) provided much appreciated Danish/English language translations between his father Mr Erik Jepsen and Mr Victor Kelaher.Danish/E

Installing protective granite bollards at the site boundary The granite bollards clearly define the area of the fuselage of the buried Lancaster bomber
Removing the old stand Carefully digging foundations for the new plaque stand
Installing the new plaque stand - watched by the local media Installing the new plaque stand - watched by the local cows
Mr Donald Stewart (left) and Mr Peter Forrester (right) attaching the replica red-gum cross Mr Ole Kamp, who was always ready to lend a hand, covering the plaques prior to the unveiling later that day
Testing the foundations!
First visit to the memorial - Ms Rosslyn Stewart The team of apprentices from Vestas Machining A/S
All hands to erect the marquee Preparations for inclement weather
Unsung heroes - wiping the rain from all 100 chairs
True help - Mrs Birthe Jensen and Mr Niels Ballebye from the Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune Prevailing leans against a Jutland breeze !
Mrs Kamma Poulsen (right) with brother Mr Erling Halkjaer and sister-in-law Mrs Else Halkjær, 5/9/2008. Kamma has established and tended the memorial site garden with great care over many years and has paid particular attention to its appearance on Anzac Days. Her late sister, Ellen Pederson, as a young girl, collected funds to erect the Mindesten (Memorial Stone) in 1950. Mr Erik Poulsen, a member of the Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune EE138 commemoration working group, tirelessly applied himself to assist in every aspect of the project.
Mrs Kamma Poulsen was recognised and saluted by both the Australian Ambassador to Denmark and the Royal Australian Air Force for her continuing care and maintenance of the crash site. A hot cup of Danish coffee and a biscuit is always welcome and never far.
Mrs Grete Møllerhøj picking poppies an hour before the commemoration Every guest was given a red remembrance poppy from the garden of Mrs Grete Møllerhøj
The 4th of September 2008 dawned - windy but the rain held off. Commemoration day - Mr Niels Ballebye with a warm welcome and umbrellas at the ready.
Two members of the Australian EE138 Working Group - Mr Donald FM Stewart (left), and Mr Peter Forrester (right) Mr Peter Forrester with two more members of the Australian EE138 Working Group - Ms Rosslyn Stewart (left) and Ms Jo Lewis (right)

Always vulnerable.

Heavy rain fell the night following the plaque unveiling. The impact crater filled with water.

And never far from the surface.

One particular area appears to hold rusty water, this same area has previously been observed to have an oil film on the  water surface.


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