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The Master of Ceremonies for the 4th September EE138 65th Commemoration and plaque unveiling was Mr. Søren Flensted:

Mr. Søren Flensted, an aircraft engineer and who was a past member of the Royal Danish Air Force, is a noted and highly respected Danish historian, having extensively researched the German occupation of Denmark, with specific interest in the Allied Air Craft losses over Denmark during the Second World War. An enormous amount of his research work can be viewed on approximately 1272 pages of his website “Airwar over Denmark” Søren’s current body of research includes the supply drops to the Danish resistance 1941-45.

Søren has kindly agreed to share his impressions of the 65th Commemoration Service and plaque unveiling from a Master of Ceremonies view point:

“I have been asked to put down in writing a few reflections about the ceremony of 4/9/08 where I had the honour of acting as Master of Ceremonies

Peter Forrester contacted me via my site " Airwar over Denmark” when he started researching the loss of EE138 a number of years ago, and we kept contact on and off over the years since. When the plans for the commemoration service and the new plaques were formed, he again contacted me and I was able to help with a few e-mail addresses to the Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, as well as to Mr Bent Baagøe Anthonisen, to secure their assistance. I do not live in the area and would be of limited assistance for the arrangements.

A lot of e-mails were sent and received over the summer to get the ceremony on the road, and when Pete asked me to act as Master of Ceremonies I was honoured and readily agreed. Another bunch of e-mails was sent back and forward to plan the ceremony that would be both in English and Danish.

On 4/9/2008 it was very windy and Royal Danish Air force had to cancel their salute to the crew of EE138 due to a strong cross wind at their home base in Skrydstrup.
It was bad news but helped make the schedule easier from a Master of Ceremony point of view as we could now go ahead without having to have a pause, waiting for the appearance of the two F 16's. I think everything went according to schedule.

But I must admit that Peter had me worried for a while when I had announced the hymn "Immortal, Invisible” and no one started singing. As I did not know the song myself I looked to Peter for help but he was looking in another direction.
A short moment of panic until I followed the direction in which he was looking and saw that ”The Ladies' Choir of Stadil” was preparing to sing the hymn.
Peter had forgotten to inform me about it (don't ever do that again, Pete. It did absolutely nothing good to my ulcer).
I doubt if anyone noticed the beginning panic and the choir did a wonderful job.

I think that the ceremony went very well, in a most dignified manner, and according to the best Australian traditions.

And the new plaques look very good on the new stand and will last for many years to come. I have a habit of visiting the site to remember the crew of EE138 whenever I am in that part of Denmark, and the arrangement with the boulders around the grave site, and the plaques, will in the future make it an even better experience.

Best regards
Søren Flensted

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