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Arthur Rolfe, Rear Gunner 1681963
Sergeant, Royal Air Force
Aged 36 of Yeadon Nr. Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Runnymede Panel Number: 163

The image of RAF Sgt. Arthur Rolfe (left) has been supplied by Mrs J E Woobey (nee Rolfe) the daughter of the late Sgt. Arthur Rolfe.








Service medals posthumously awarded to crew member Sgt Arthur Rolfe:



In September 2012, Mrs Jean Woobey kindly shared copies of letters and documents below relating to the loss of her father.

The telegram received by Arthur Rolfe's family on the 4th of September 1943:

A letter dated 6th September 1943 to Mrs Mary Rolfe from the Padre of the 460 Squadron:

The following is a draft copy of a letter which Mrs Mary Rolfe was writing in reply to a letter she received from Jessie Thirkettle, wife of EE138 crew member Ernest Thirkettle:

The following is a draft letter dated 17th September 1943 in which Mrs Mary Rolfe is replying to Mrs Lee, mother of EE138 crew member Herbert Jowett:

A letter from the RAF Air Council Casualy Branch to Mrs Mary Rolfe dated 20th September 1943:

A list of the effects of Sgt Arthur Rolfe returned to his family:


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