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Runnymede Photos:

The following photos were sent to Mrs Nell Forrester (mother of crewmember Forrester) by Mrs Evelyn Lee (mother of crewmember Jowett) from the opening of the Runnymede Memorial on the 17th October 1953. Here is an extract from her accompanying letter describing the event:

"...I wonder if you heard the broadcast of the unveiling or did you see it on television. It is a marvellous memorial, all in white stone and the ceiling of the cloisters where the panels are with the names, has wonderful paintings, in a heavenly shade of blue with gold stars scattered all over. There is a huge window, with the verse cut in the glass, I am enclosing a photo of it. There was such a crush on the 17th we were only able to spend a short time inside and lay the flowers, but we went down again on the Tuesday and spent the day there and took some photos. There were 60,000 wreaths, sprays etc, just like a huge carpet of flowers, we placed one for Sidney and Ewin Carthew putting a card on from the families. Their names were together under the Australian section, we took photos of the panel, but being inside the building, they did not take, however I am trying to get a photographer to see what he can do and will send you one if successful. The service was very moving, with my favourite hymns, The Lord is My Shepherd and Oh God Our Help in Ages Past. The Queen and Duke, the Queen Mother and Duke of Gloucester walked among the relatives afterwards. We went down with Mr and Mrs Thirkettle and spent some time with them whilst we were in London. We also visited Jessie, Ernie Thirkettle’s former wife. I have written on the enclosed photos...."



The following photos at Runnymede courtesy Mrs A Storm, March 2009.

Ceiling panel:

Visiting Runnymede with Mrs Storm were airforce researcher friends and RAF Commands members, left to right: Pavel, Jeff, Steve and Robert.



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