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The crash site is located near the village of Stadil, Denmark.

This photo of the sign to the site on the road Stadiløvej was taken in March 2010 by Mrs G. Møllehøj. (Sti til Mindesten = Path to Memorial Stone)

Aerial view of crash site showing proximity to Stadil village:

Photo showing the original cross taken by Mrs Lee (mother of HF Jowett) on September 8th 1949. It is this image of the cross and flowers that so deeply touched Mrs Lee. The site of her at the cross inspired Ingemann Halkjær to recommend that the local Stadil community take a collection and raise a memorial stone.

Photo taken by Ian Forrester, brother of SM Forrester in September 1950 - showing the site was still underwater.


Click here for a PDF of the Danish newspaper article about the memorial stone unveiling from 6th May 1950!

Granite Commemoration Stone – erected May 1950:

Memorial Stone

Open view of crash site to farm house - 2005:

The Stadil crash site covered in snow on February 11th 2009:

For accommodation in the village of Stadil we recommend that you contact Mrs Grete Møllerhøj. Grete offers friendly B&B accommodation, and as a member of the RSK Organising Committee for the 65th Commemoration Grete is familiar with the crash site and the EE138 story.  Grete also speaks and writes English very well!

Address: Bjerregårdvej 28, Stadil, 6980 Tim DK
Telephone & Skype: +45 28586017




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