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Stadil EE138 Crash Site - Lancaster fly past 5th May 2011

The BBMF Lancaster is due to perform a series of 3 low level (500 feet) fly pasts of the EE138 crash site at 14:30 on 5th May 2011. BBMF Lancaster PA474 is painted with the nose art of Lancaster EE139 - "The Phantom of the Ruhr".

A ceremony commemorating the 66th year of Denmark's Liberation will be held at the EE138 crash site, commencing at 13:45. Please note that the field surrounding the EE138 memorial has been planted with turnips this year. We ask that everyone respect the farmer's crop, and please keep to the roads, paths and tracks. Please do not walk over the crop! A limited number of people will be able to gather directly by the memorial stone and plaques, but there is plenty of excellent viewing along the farm track and road side. A public address system will ensure that everyone can hear those giving speeches.

The ceremony should finish 10-15 minutes prior to the Lancaster fly past, this will allow people to move back from the memorial for better viewing of the Lancaster as it flies low over the crash site.

The following outlines the format of the ceremony and crew relatives from Australia and the UK will be traveling to Denmark for this exciting event. Representatives of the Danish Home Guard, RAF and RAAF will also be present to witness the first return of a Lancaster to the skies of Denmark since the end of WWII.

The EE138 Crash site is located near the S.W. intersection of Stadiløvøj & Mollebyvej, Stadil, 6980 Tim. The following map shows the crash site in relation to the village of Stadil, the farm track and parking along the road side. Stadil is approx. 17 kilometres North of Ringkøbing.


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