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All members of the eight-man crew of Lancaster EE138 were killed in the crash and 7 still lie entombed within the fuselage buried in the soft soil at the crash site together with the remains of the plane.

On the 5th September 1943, the day following the crash, a torso was discovered by Ingemann amongst the reeds at the crash site, it was then buried at the site by the German Soldiers.  Ingemann arranged for a local carpenter to build a wooden cross, this cross was then layed down on top of the Torso Burial site.  If it had been made visible this act of sympathy towards the Allies would have been dealt with very severely by the German soldiers.  Once the reeds had begun to grow up, the cross was stood upright - the cross bore the inscription: Minde over faldne allierede Flyvere, which translates as “In memory of fallen Allied Airmen”

In June 1947 the RAF 18 Section No.3 Research and Enquiry Unit (3 M.R.E.U.) Investigation Team exhumed the torso which was then interred in Grave No. 97 in the Churchyard at  Svinø and marked as an unknown airman.

On 16th October 2004 Vic Kelaher (cousin of crewmember Kelaher) visited the Svinø gravesite and took this photograph:

Disturbed by the poor state of this stone and those of other allied airmen, Vic wrote to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The site has since been greatly improved.

These photographs of the Svinø site were taken by Mr Søren Flensted in July 2008:

Svinø is small village in Southern Zealand, overlooking Dybso Fjord, some 90 kilometres south-south-west of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Commonwealth Plot is in an extension of the churchyard, to the north of the church. Svinø Churchyard contains a Commonwealth plot of 62 burials, all airmen, eight of them unidentified. Click here to visit the Commonwealth War Graves page on Svinø Churchyard.

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